House Bill No.8006

Would extend to communities which have been determined to be highly distressed communities by reference to section 45-13-12 of the general laws additional authorization to act in modification of police and fire labor contracts

House Bill No. 8007

Would change the dates for payment of the state’s share of the basic program for foundational level school support and approved expenditures

House Bill No. 8008

Would require all school districts, regional school districts, state schools, and charter schools to implement a budget model approved by the commissioner of education)

House Bill No. 8009

Would allow a municipality with a locally administered pension which is in critical status, to suspend future benefit adjustments to retirees after certain findings are made)

House Bill No. 8010

Would prohibit municipal ordinances, collective bargaining agreements, and interest arbitration awards from providing employee retirement benefits which exceed the actuarial value of benefits afforded under the municipal employees retirement system

House Bill No. 8011

Would permit municipalities to provide accidental disability pensions of 50% of salary if the employee is not permanently and totally disabled and 66 2/3% of salary if the employee is permanently and totally disabled

House Bill No. 8012

Would provide supplemental appropriations made by a city, town or regional school district appropriating authority for payment of past annual expenditures would not be used in the computation of maintenance of effort requirements under section 16-7-4 23